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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Week 4.

Week 4.
4 weeks ago we found out how to use something could a trebuchet and we write down what surprises us and other things.
Well I was really surprised that it went further than I thought it would go.
This is how it works you put some weights or something heavy in the holder,put a ball in the sling that's about the size of a tennis ball,and pull the rope and then it will go flying.

Week 3.

Week 3.
Balloon rocket again.
This time I wasn't here but I know they did a change of using paper instead of the straw and tried to use fishing line,as well so I had to make a prediction because I was at cross county.
I thought that I would work a little bit faster because the fishing line is smoother than the string/wool.
I put myself on the rubric as multistructural because I knew about 6 things only in science,and I didn't know a lot about science.
Now on the rubric I put myself as relational because I can work by myself,I know a lot more about science and I can help others.

Week 2.

Week 2.
Balloon rocket.
The reason why we did the balloon rocket is because we as a class wanted to find out if blow up the balloon and hold it up, will it change at all but it somehow went a little bit faster.
We did a see,think,wonder and wrote what are the forces for an example:why did it go faster/the balloon,when you lift the chair up.
I think it went faster when you lift the chair up because it changed the angle,and the wind resistance made it go faster.
The forces are:
Wind resistance.
Drag and thrust.

Week 1.

22.5.17 c
Week 1.
Slime on Mr.Anderson.
The reason why we slimed Mr.Anderson is because as a school we wanted,to find out who's slime was the best in the school.
Who had the most?
What one was the most smelliest?
What one was the slowest and thickest?
We also had competitions between the classes.
Ours was the coolest and it was green because we used food colouring.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Responsible citizen

Well on Thursday our Te ora groups had to pick one of the stages that ms.smith told us to.
The stages that I am talking about is uni structural and all the others.
Now you should know what I am talking about and now I will tell you what I picked and why.
I picked relational because i always wear and bring my hat to school.
The reason why bringing and wearing your hat to school is because you will get told off well very badly told off and you can get skin cancer which is a very very bad cancer.
I always put rubbish in the bin at lunch and morning tea.
I always tell others to put their rubbish in the bin is well.
When I see other people without their hats I tell them to go get a hat but if they say they don't have a hat I say sorry but you need to go in the shade.
The reason why this is important is because the same thing as before because you might get skin cancer.
One of the reasons why I did not pick extended abstract is because I don't always do the right thing at the right time.
Why this is important is because you get spotted by the teacher get a punishment like stay in a lunch and do your work.
Another reason why I did not pick extended abstract is because I sometimes do the wrong thing at a bad time.
Like talking when the teacher is talking but I have only done that about 4 times though.
The reason why this is important is because if the teacher is talking to us and the teacher is talking about something very important and you're not listening.Well You're gonna get very badly told I mean very bad.
But I do pick up rubbish most of the time when I see rubbish.
Why picking up rubbish is important is because all around waimairi school there is a heap of rubbish that we as waimairi school is trying to pick up.

I am poem

I am a Toyota because I call our toi ora groups toyota groups, every metre I go every idea I get.

I am twin towers because there is a strong relation ship and I am standing tall next to someone.

I am tree shooting up with ideas.

I am a apple because I'm crunching my way through learning.

I am  cheeze burger because sometimes,I go really crazy!

I am shoes because I need to always be ready for running.👍

Ko Harry Ahau